Sunday, June 15, 2014

Announcing Rogue Parlor

Greetings everyone and thank you for visiting the beginnings of Rogue Parlor. As is customary on blogs, I'd like to use this first post to introduce myself and a bit about the site. I am Raymond Chapman, the founder of Rogue Parlor and self-taught renaissance man. My interests range across a wide span of hobbies and topics. When it comes to social and political issues I prefer not to look at things from a left or right wing standpoint or even what the mainstream media tells me I should think (usually because their viewpoints are either left or right wing). Instead, I choose to approach things from a logical standpoint — looking at all the available facts and then trying to make sense of it.

I am starting Rogue Parlor as a weekly blog with the intention of expanding it into a daily show hosted by a team of rogues dedicated to bringing you completely unbiased political and social commentary. Look for our first post in the coming week.

Beyond this though, Rogue Parlor is intended to become an expansive online media network featuring several blogs, podcasts, and online shows. Part of this network, my solo podcast When Logic Strikes, will premiere its first episode soon.

Be sure to explore the site and enjoy watching us grow.