RP Titles

Rogue Parlor will bring you some of the best titles the internet has to offer. With unique points of view, cunning witticism, and a no-holds-barred unbiased approach — Rogue Parlor seeks to become a powerhouse of online media. Check out our coming titles below.

Rogue Parlor

Starting out as a blog (the one you're currently reading), Rogue Parlor is planned for development as a podcast and video series bringing you hard-hitting political and social discussion. Raymond is currently looking for a rogue or two more to host the show with him.

When Logic Strikes

Rogue Parlor founder Raymond Chapman has been trying to figure this world out for several years and just doesn't get it. It seems much of the world has thrown logic straight out of the window. Well, logic is about to fight back in this weekly show offering in-depth sociopolitical conversation.

More shows coming soon. Stay posted.